Our Values

Commitment, Excellence, Transparency, Professionalism

Core Principles

  • Customer comes first: anything we do is done with the customer and user in mind, we build products that solve problems and are motivated by the customer needs and feedback. Working closely with the customers and understanding the exact problems they are trying to solve informs our design and technical approach. 

  • Speed of delivery: being flexible and open-minded to explore solutions that deliver results fast, starting the growth cycle of the product as soon as possible. Providing the end user with the ability to scope, experience, explore, and evaluate the product early in the process helps inform the work.

  • Quality of work: no quick delivery can compensate for bad quality work, it can in fact bias the customer by exposing errors that were made by rushing ahead without upholding the proper quality standards and best practices. It is certainly a fine balance, and a tech leader can maintain that and work with the team and customers to manage expectations and position his team for success.

  • Leadership: basic leadership principles such as direction, alignment, commitment (DAC) can be taught but beyond that, a leader needs to have the humility and realization that empowering the team and moving from a place of strategic vision serves the company and the team best. This is especially important for tech leads who have first hand exposure to the state of affairs on the product, analytics, team dynamics, client interaction.

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