What makes us different?

Our Kujira Validator

https://kujira.explorers.guru/validator/kujiravaloper1t05nqtneaa4deqmucr88vus6lxrtmyguc9056t https://blue.kujira.app/stake/kujiravaloper1t05nqtneaa4deqmucr88vus6lxrtmyguc9056t We run on bare metal, high-grade infrastructure, in a data center. Investing in this effort form our consulting company G2 Global Consulting http://g2-globalconsulting.com/. I expect to further self-delegate all rewards through end of 2022 and use some to spin up an analytics node for AI/ML Here for the long haul. Started with a validator on Terra V1 before the crash and now validating on Terra 2.0. This is part of the larger strategy to run nodes and build AI/ML on Cosmos blockchains. I am using my technical and math skills to contribute to the space. In this difficult market, we have unique opportunities to build and envision the next stage of #DeFi.

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